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U.S.-China Trade Asso

【美中贸易协会】原名【美中贸易发展协会】,1991经美国政府批准注册。当时克林顿总统访华,原会长Mr. Robert.Goodman为总统随员因之获得美中两国政府支持,2016原会长病退,美商务部遴选Dr.Ivan Yao接任新会长。并同意迁址洛杉矶及改名为【美中贸易协会】。



The U.S.-China Trade Asso., formerly known as the Sino American Trade Development Asso. was approved by the U.S. government in 1991. President  Clinton's visit to China at that time, the former Asso. President Mr. Robert. Goodman are enjoys presidential suite to government support by both America and China.

2016 Mr. Goodman health retirement, the minister  Commerce selected Dr. Ivan Yao took over as the new President. Agreed relocate to Los Angeles and rename to US-China Trade Asso.

The purpose of the Asso. is to promote the economic and the cultural exchange, Especially in the major health and education sectors. To enhance The friendship between the two countries.

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